Licensed in business and with an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, one of the top Spanish business schools, Covadonga worked for an extensive period in the financial world, until she turned her life around, and dedicated herself to her true vocation, interior design and decoration.

She studied at IADE, the premier design institute in Spain, and was number one in her class promotion in Interior Design in 2011. She then founded her own interior design practice, which focuses on commercial and residential projects. She works with her clients from the initial selections of materials, textures, and furnishings, through the execution and delivery of the final product.

Covadonga’s knowledge of the worlds of business and interior design combine to result in designs that are not only beautiful, functional, and comfortable, but are delivered within the client’s budget.  Her body of work combines casual sophistication, with pragmatism and efficiency.  A unique combination of light and color, with the use of natural materials such as stone, clay, iron and steel, factor into every design for beauty and comfort. Her designs make her clients “feel so comfortable and proud of their new homes, they don’t want to leave them,” she laughs.


The studio was established in 2011 to use state of the art construction techniques. Her spectacular projects in Spain and abroad have won her international recognition for her work, including the prestigious award “Design 2017 and 2016” presented by Houzz.

 Canovas’s interiors are above all, clean lined, sophisticated and highly attuned to each client’s needs. Everything rotates around the client, which can be an individual or a company, and the client’s needs and the possibilities of the space.

Canovas has worked with the same team of talented professionals since its inception. This is how this strong and efficient team has been able to successfully achieve their goal: to deliver finished projects on time and within budget.  Together, they provide clients with detailed budgets, a top notch foreman, and careful oversight of details from beginning to end. Covadonga, the head of the studio, combines a sense of aesthetics with modern efficiency. “I love being an interior designer, because I get to make people’s dreams a reality, and people have a wide variety of dreams” Covadonga says.